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Business Legal Plan

  1. Reading and Analyzing Legal Documents

    Ask business or personal legal questions, get advice on specific situations, our lawyer will review your business contracts and other legal documents at a very competitive and reasonable charge.

  2. Drafting Legal Documents

    If you need us to draft certain commercial contracts or legal documents for you, please let us know what you require and we will prepare the contracts and legal documents based on your needs.

    The documents that we can prepare for you are:

    a.    Partnership Agreement;

    b.    Sale and Purchase Agreement;

    c.    Share Sale Agreement;

    d.    Friendly Loan Agreement;

    e.    Letter of Guarantee;

    f.     Employment Contract;

    g.    Construction Agreement;

    h.    Will;

    i.      Deed of Family Arrangement;

    j.      Joint Venture Agreement;

    k.    Tenancy Agreement;

    l.      And any other commercial contracts.

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