Our focus is not just on the law, but on helping our clients to achieve their specific objectives.  Our services are led by lawyers who take an active interest in understanding each client’s needs and circumstances and who are committed to solving problems and delivering results as pragmatically and efficiently as possible.

We provide full-range of legal services with particular emphasis on the following areas of law:

Property & Real Estate Law

Sale & Purchase Agreement
Tenancy & Lease
Property & Land's Dispute
Land Acquisition

Contract Law

Commercial Contracts
Joint Venture Agreement
Construction Agreement
Sale of Business/Share Agreement
Distributorship Agreement

Loan, Banking & Finance Law

Housing Loan Agreement
Refinance Agreement
Commercial Loan Agreement

Tort Law

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Personal Injuries & Dependency Claims
Insurance Claims

Company Law

Incorporation Of Companies
Registration and Dissolution Of Partnerships Business
Corporate & Shareholders’ Disputes

Wills, Probate & Estate Administration

Preparation Of Will
Application for Grant of Probate
Application for Letter of Administration
Application for Small Estate Distribution Order
Estate Administration & Distribution
Resealing of Probate & Letter of Administration

Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Debt Recovery
Contractual Dispute
Bankruptcy and Insolvency
Labour & Employment Law
Enforcement & Execution Of Judgments

Divorce & Family Law

Divorce Proceeding (contested & uncontested)
Custodianship of Children
Division & Settlement of Matrimonial Assets
Maintenance to Wife & Children

Criminal law

Penal Code offences
Juvenile offences